Journaling Vs. Blogging

I Find that what I liked… already existed.

This has been a terrible week, I mean, these weeks have been terrible. (A hard thing to understand, and a hard thing to learn for me).

Although I have been living difficult things I haven’t lost the idea of writing, writing in a simple post-it, on cellphone notes, on a piece of notebook paper, even to write on the walls or in my arms.

I think I have never written about writing. (I’m lying, I wrote about it when I was 9, and I’m really surprised about it, since that moment or maybe before, I thought this was the best thing ever.)

And after this crazy weeks, I went back to my oldies, the start up of my creations, the notebook and the pen; these things haven’t been replaced by the computer and my fingers, as I said on the first post, I prefer to feel the ideas running through the pen, than through the fingers.

After all this story, what I found on the internet was this curious thing called: JOURNALING (I have many links to share about it, I will leave some at the end of the post). And, nope, I am not talking about the newspaper stuff, this is what I did all my life and I didn’t knew it. Having ideas, things to do, doodles, notes, opinions, memories, and all those things that made me (make me), be me, written on a notebook, the special notebook.

I have always loved stationary supplies: pens, markers, colored paper, colors, notebooks, EVERYTHING.

And the surprise was that these people, with ideas so similar as mine, had a complete culture about writing it and making it look beautiful. My first idea was that now, I do the same, I write thoughts on the internet, I write what I want, when I want.

The main difference is that when I write it for my unknown journaling notebook is for me, there’s no filter on it, I know that nobody will look at it, at least that I want to. And the things that I blog are for the rest of the people, YOU can check it, read it and review it. Comment it, talk about it, dislike it, hate it and all that.

My conclusion: I won’t leave none of these writing ways EVER.

The first video watched.

A good video about journaling.

Good ways to doodle.

Whole journaling day.



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