No Makeup Generation


There will be many people who I really appreciate, that will be very offended with this kind of entry, and there will be others who will love it.

I’m not afraid of it, I’m not trying to make anyone uncomfortable, but let’s be sincere, we always have lovers and haters.

According to this topic and the opinion I bring to this post, makeup is not needed in women these days. I know there’s an old tradition about it, I know that we can be the most prettiest! when using these colored fake instruments.

The truth is, and as many others say, there’s no such thing as the truth, but I’m taking the risk; that for me, and I am pretty sure that for a lot of girls, there is no money, no time, no motivation, and so many No’s to try to have the same face as everyone else.

I admit that I am a lover of my bed, and if I can sleep 5 more minutes before going to work, that will make a great change on my everyday-performance, as well as saving some money to buy coffee, a book, another pen, more notebooks, even to pay for gas or for the bus.

Nowadays the golden nugget is close to a squared eyebrow, a dark and perfectly shaped eyebrow. Few years ago, if we had no eyebrow, that was the thing! I know, it’s evolution baby!

IMG_5919.JPGI am glad for those of you who wear makeup, but let’s accept who we are, and so trite as it is, but women of the world, we are ok as we are! It is worst to find out that the thing under the makeup layer looks extremely different.

I have this someone who always is telling me that makeup is horrible because when girls remove it, they are completely ugly. What a disappointment!

This is complicated, yes I know. In this information era, and YouTube world, instagram domain, twitter controlled life, vine reign and so on, if someone looks like an alien, the desire of others will be to look like an alien!

Of course I love lip balm, I also like eye liner or mascara, but I wear it knowing I am using something fake on me, and I am sure that the rest of the makeup users are not expecting that the rest of the world believes that they have purple lips or brown eyelid, but that is not the real you.

I would like to say that I lived in a No Makeup Generation, but that will never happen.

I know not everybody wants to make the difference or even a single change, but let’s not makeup the real mistakes in our lives.

Take this as a metaphoric advertisement.

To correct the ideas, to paint the behavior, to eyeline the thoughts.


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